3 Unique Gifts The Picky Women In Your Life Will Love

August 19, 2018 3 min read

3 Unique Gifts The Picky Woman In Your Life Will Love

Unique Gifts That ALL Women Will Love!

Zoe’ and I are always looking for unique gifts for each other – especially after 25 years of marriage. It was this quest for unique gifts and items that fit right into our vision for C Larboard – Gifts, Gadgets, General Store to Your Door!

Zoe’ shared with me an interesting article the other day that discussed the psychology of gift-giving and receiving. Don't let your eyes gaze over. There was some good info in there. Here are some highlights.

“According to their research, there is an upside to being picky: shoppers are more likely to purchase an item the picky recipient specifically requests. Less picky people have a higher chance of receiving items they don't want, whereas picky recipients more often get what they want.”

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all women are picky. Women just know what they want. But sometimes figuring that out when you want to make a lady you care about feel special, can be tough.

But the one thing I have learned in gift-giving for special ladies in my life, is that there is a key to it. All women want the same thing; and that is to feel appreciated, loved and special.

The Value of The Unexpected 

One way to make a special lady feel appreciated is to shower her with unexpected gifts. Flowers, candy and the standards can be tossed into the mix, but you can always rely on C Larboard for unique gifts for mom, sister, partner and more that will show you are thinking of them.

The unexpected is always appreciated but even more, it is remembered. Those little remembrances can come in handy when the honey-do list is left undone or you forget your mom's birthday. 

3 Unique Items The Ladies In Your Life Will Love

Zoe’ Loves Pearls! That’s how we found Kay Pearl & Jewelry in Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Pearl City. When we are in Shanghai we always need to make a visit to Kay.

Kay designs amazing jewelry and always has unique items in her store. That’s how we knew she would be the perfect person to partner with for our Freshwater Pearl Skull Bracelet. The string of freshwater pearls is highlighted by a sterling silver skull bead and is a true conversation starter. This bracelet is the perfect gift for those picky or not so picky women in your life.

Freashwater Skull Bracelet

The Portable Vortex Mixer Mug is another great gift idea. The woman in your life can use it to mix up fresh protein, energy, or nutrition drinks on the run. If you have ever heard them complaining that their drink tastes gritty or is not missed enough, this is their answer.

Also, since it’s portable, ladies can easily take it to the gym for use before or after workouts or on their way to work for a breakfast on the go. It can also be used to mix eggs, juices, coffee and even cocktails. With so many uses it makes it a fun and versatile gift. 

Vortex Mixer

I love giving gifts that are handy, practical and unique and women love receiving them unexpectedly. That is why the Defiance Tools On-The-Go Insulated Coffee Press as a perfect gift giving idea. French press coffee devices are a trendy and fun way to make coffee. A traditional French press makes a great concentrated cup of coffee, but they are designed of glass and not an easy device to travel with.

With the C Larboard insulated coffee press anyone can make a French press coffee anywhere. And since it's made of double insulated stainless steel, your lucky gift recipient can take their coffee on the go. Imagine giving what will soon become a favorite insulated bottle or mug, with extra functionality built in. They will think of you every single time they use it. 

Defiance Tools On the Go Insulated Coffee Press

And For the Extra Hard Person to Buy For…

One more note about that article I mentioned above - research has found that when individuals receive a gift cards, they are more likely to purchase luxury items that are meant to bring pleasure versus using credit cards or cash for purchases.

When individuals are given a gift card instead of cash, they feel a justification to buy something that's out-of-the-ordinary. So if you have one of those people in your life don’t forget we also have the C Larboard gift card!

Keep your mom, sister, friend, daughter or partner happy by surprising them with unique gifts from C Larboard. Shop NOW for great gifts now that the ladies in your life will actually love! 


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