6 Cool EDC Gadgets to Get Kids Unplugged and Into Adventure

July 08, 2018 3 min read

6 Cool EDC Tools to Get Kids Unplugged and Into Adventure

Kids CAN Get Off of Tech, Outside and Exploring More! Here's How You Can Make It Happen.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is on their phone too much? This goes for adults but especially young people.

It seems as though everyone is sitting on their phones rather than going outside exploring, playing or exercising. What happened to the days when we as kids would take our bikes out for hours, build a fort or explore the yard for bugs and flowers? These opportunities expanded our horizons without traveling to distant lands but still allowed us to expand our imagination.

It is interesting to read this article titled: How Smartphones Are Making Kids Unhappy. It explains how teens aren’t spending as much time interacting with others. Perhaps we should encourage young people to put down the technology and start being more like MacGyver again…


MacGyver is a character on a popular television show which is also called MacGyver. Are you a fan? MacGyver is known for finding simple yet elegant solutions to problems using existing resources.

The term has actually become a verb:

MacGyver (third-person singular simple presentMacGyvers, present participle MacGyveringsimple past and past participle MacGyvered).

  1. (transitive) To assemble or repair something by ingenious improvisation, using everyday items that would not usually be used for the purpose. 

Tools to Navigate Life

Here at C Larboard, we have a lot of "MacGyvers" in our community and we pride ourselves on offering them helpful Tools to Navigate Life. We think we have some pretty cool EDC (everyday carry) gadgets that you can offer up to the young people in your life to get them off of their phones and into exploring the world around them - including their family. 

6 Cool EDC Gadgets for Kids

  1. The first cool EDC gadget for kids is our Defiance Tools® Folding Electric Bike. Think of all of the adventures kids can have on electric bikes. Moms like it too because it folds up nicely for storage and travel. For my husband, Rich, folding bikes invoke fond memories. “When I was a kid, my dad bought our family folding bikes from a now-defunct department store chain,” he explains, “this was the mid 70’s and the bikes were imported from Italy. By folding them in half, they fit nicely in the back of the station wagon, with all of us kids and pets and everything, for our trip to the summer lake house.”
  2. Next up are our EDC gadgets. We have several versions: FIFA world cup, the cat, scorpion, wolf and skull. All of them are a small multi tool that anyone could use, and it fits on a keychain. With these handy tools you can tighten a screw, a bicycle spoke or cut a piece of rope or twine. Maybe you can even do some work on a backyard fort or around the house!
  3. A third option is our led-clip-on-mobile-lens. This clip on mobile lens is a child's portal to infinite exploration of their environment. Either inside or outside (think backyard finds like flowers or wildlife), teens will discover an incredible amount of detail in their world around them. And yes, they will be able to take incredible pictures for social media so they will thank you for that too.
  4. Coming in at number 4 are our fidget spinners! Studies have shown that these help reduce fidgeting and help kids relax, unwind and get their brains engaged in imagination.
  5. Yet another great option is our Defiance Tools Starter Set. Talk about tools that will inspire creativity! It's a combo of three great Defiance Tools EDC products: our Waxed Canvas Tool Roll, EDC Pliers – 16 Tools In 1 and EDC Utility Multi-Tool. Perhaps it is time to build that tree house, birdhouse or backyard fort.
  6. Our final suggestion for cool tools for kids to use to escape from tech is the ViaKOOL Karaoke Speaker which helps promote friends and family time. We have a member of our C Larboard community who raves about using this with her family. She says her daughter and her friends have so much fun with this item and that her daughter carries it with her on her skateboard to her friend’s houses. Here's what to what she said about it:

Here's to More Family Time with Kids!

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