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Before embarking on your next road trip or outdoor adventure,learning to make your RV a little cozier through a range of upgrades and strategic changes should sit at the very top of your planning checklist. After all, when you boast about a happy home from home, you'll be set for an exciting vacation.

So, how can you make the RV feel likeYOURrecreational vehicle? Good organizational practices, a little modernization, and practical decisions will all have a positive influence. Here are 15 simple stepsthat will work wonders for your family Beep, beep!


1. Use styrofoam and bubble wrap for temperature control

Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your RV is the most critical step of all. You canuse styrofoam for added coolness in the summer, much like it's used in packaging. Meanwhile,bubble wrap can add insulationand stop drafts. It aids in climate control and energy efficiency as well.

2. Prepare with the right RV Tools


First and foremost, you mustpack the right tools to help you through every possible situation. A Swiss army knife, socket set, andC Larboard LED flashlight and emergency auto safety tool should all be packed and kept in suitable locations. Wire cutters and a multimeter are also useful additions.

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3. Use your oven as storage

The internal chamber of your oven is a surprisingly large space when you're not cooking. Use it to store bowls, plates, pots, and pans. It frees up a lot of cupboard space, which can subsequently be used for other storage features. Besides, only a small percentage of meals are cooked in the oven.

4. Save space using square containers

Choosing the right choice of containers and Tupperware is vital for all RV holidaymakers. Square containers are small enough to fit in cupboards and other drawers. For an added bonus, select stackable containers and lids.

5. Use Command hooks

Command hooksare arguably the most fabulous accessory of all.Adhesive variants can be added to the inside of cupboard doors, behind room doors, or on the sides of units. Whether hanging clothes, utensils, or any other light item, the organizational benefits are enormous.

6. Use a vent cushion

The RV vent will have a significant impact on the temperature and humidity within the rooms of the vehicle. Insulator cushions reflect heat out in the summer and in during the winter. They can also block out excessive noise and lightfor a better night's sleep. 

7. Use suction cups

The use of suction cups can have a  positive impact on the interior storage system. They can be used tohold various racks and small units in place, as well as decorations and practical features such as window netting. They are also a very suitable addition to the bathroom.

hanging led lights


8. Use LED lights

Upgrading the lighting throughout your RV toLED solutions can make a world of difference to the atmosphere, esthetic, and energy usage. It's one of the cheapest tasks you'll ever encounter while lighting strips can be added to the stairs for improved safetyin the dark.


9. Over the door hair and tool organizers

Whether it's organizing hair accessories or tools, a simple over the door solution with multiple pockets will aid your storage system and prevent items from getting misplaced. In addition to over the door organizers, you can also try using shower pocket organizers.

group of toothbrushes


10. Toothbrush holders

Toothbrush holdersare a small, inexpensive, but hugely beneficial addition to any RV bathroom. If you do not have the time to order them, you can make DIY holders from PVC pipes. Fix them to the inside of the bathroom vanity or cupboard door for the perfect solution.

camping community group hanging around a bonfire


11. Use community centers

When staying at an RV park or campsite,don't be afraid to use thecommunity center. It's a great way to enjoy a few additional comforts like a spacious TV room, a shower, cafeteria foods, and light entertainment. The variety alone will have a positive influence on your trip.

12. Change the RV curtains

When the standard curtains aren't up to scratch,embracing a new designwill breathe new life and character into the RV. You can buy these from a wide range of textile outlets. Alternatively, tension rods, pillowcases, and a few clips will work wonders for a DIY version.

13. Cover dinette cushions

If the dinette cushions are looking worn out or do not match the interior of the RV, there are plenty of simple solutions at your disposal. Pillowcases and duvetsoffer a no-sew answer. Meanwhile, those that do enjoy sewing can simply replace or add a new fabric cover. Voila, the RV will feel brand new.

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Woman storing laundry away

14. Store laundry in the shower

The shower won't get used that often, especially if you have a bath house in the RV park or access to a community center. Laundry can be left in the shower until it's time to organize a wash, and it won't matter if they get wet. In fact, any water on the clothes or bedding will run down the drain to prevent musty smells.

15. Buy an RV WiFi booster

When staying in an RV, several home comforts will be compromised. However, the WiFi signal shouldn't be one of them.An RV WiFi booster can be picked up for under $100and will make life in the RV more enjoyable – mainly if there are youngsters in yourtravel party.


women holding an iPhone and standing next to her rv

None of the above RV upgrades will break the bank, but they can make life easier by improving the storage system, increasing space, enhancing comfort, and providing a better atmosphere within the RV. Whether you aretraveling alone or with friends and family,these RVhacks are an incredible life changing experience.

Ultimately, anyone wanting to unlock the full capabilities of their RV must go the extra mile to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trip. Once you implement these quick and practical tips, your next adventure will be your best trip ever. Happy vacations await.


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