3 EDC Gadgets for Men to Help Them MacGyver Their Way Through The Day

July 30, 2018 2 min read

3 EDC Gadgets for Men to Help Them MacGyver Their Way Through The Day

3 Cool EDC Gadgets for Men to Prepare Them for Anything 

Over the last few weeks, Zoe’ has been highlighting EDC Gadgets for the women and the young people in our lives. This week I am taking over to highlight EDC Gadgets for Men that will help them Macgyver their way through the day. But more on that in a minute. First let's cover a little bit about exactly what EDC gadgets are as the word Every Day Carry (EDC) has seemed to be creeping into our vocabulary lately...

What Is an EDC Gadget?

According to Wikipedia, everyday carry (EDC) or every day carry refers to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern society, including possible emergency situations. For me it means having a small but convenient item to carry, put in your vehicle or keep in a desk drawer. An item that can help with your everyday routine or unexpected situation and looks functional and cool, so that all your friends will ask about it.

I know Zoe’ has mentioned MacGyvering in past posts. I feel like a present-day MacGyver would carry one of C Larboard’s EDC Gadgets!

3 of My Favorite C Larboard EDC Gadgets

  • The Skull Design EDC Multi-Tool that is 8 tools in 1 is the item I currently have on my keyring.I love the size and all the functionalities: wrench, Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, rope/twine cutter, bicycle spoke wrench (perfect for the Defiance Tools B2 Folding Bike), paint can opener, tack claw, bottle opener. Super handy and versatile.


  • Defiance Tools EDC Pliers – 16 Tools In 1. This can handle just about any task around your home, boat, tiny house, garage or even on the job site. It’s super tough stainless-steel construction has just the right combination of weight and precision engineering which means you can feel the quality. I like that it has so much functionality including a wire cutter/stripper, several sizes of hex wrench, a wood/metal file, 5 CM rule and the ability to be a car safety tool. It even comes with a convenient nylon holster/pouch!

  • My theory is that everyone needs a utility blade so that is why we created the Defiance Tools EDC Utility Multi Tool with LED light. Not only does it have a quick change replaceable utility blade and a saw, but it also has a Phillips and slotted screwdriver bit which is stored in a clever magnetic holder. Whether you need a utility blade to open a package, a screwdriver to tighten a loose hinge on a kitchen cabinet, or a saw to do some light pruning this EDC gadget multi-tool can get the job done.

MacGyver Your Way Through Life

Think of the all of the possibilities of MacGyvering your way through life with these fun and handy EDC Gadgets. Be sure to pick up as many as you will need of each item before they sell out. Once items in our shop sell out, you never know if we will be restocking.

Visit CLarboard.com for all of these cool EDC gadgets for men and many more Tools to Navigate Life. 

~ Rich, Co-Founder, C Larboard 

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