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Safety Is Priority #1...Or Is It Fun?

Traveling is always an adventure and full of fun, but when that adventure turns to trouble, you need to be prepared. Zoé and Rich have taken a lot of consideration into the travel giftsand gadgets they choose to place in the C Larboard shop. Many of the Tools to Navigate Life in the shop, have been chosen specifically to make travel easier and safer - which equates to more fun.

Let’s look at three spring break travel safety tips you may not have thought of, that will make your trip safer and more fun.

3 Spring Break Travel Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

  1. Use Technology to Keep Track of Valuables - Everyone knows that from the airport to the Uber to the hotel and out and about, keeping track of luggage, purses, jackets, kids and pets, is a must. There are a lot of valuables to keep track of. And that can be stressful and not fun at all. Attaching something to those items that would alert you to their location, and even set off an alarm on your phone when they are more than 65 feet away from you, would be genius. Zoé and Rich have the perfect solution to keep track of valuables when you travel with their FIND IT - Bluetooth 2-Way Locator.
  2. Trains, Planes and Automobiles - Sure you are ready for anything when you are driving your own car in your own town. Right? You have the tools you need to get yourself and your family out of tricky situations: a compass on your dashboard and On-Star at your fingertips. But when you travel in trains planes and automobiles like Ubers and rentals, you won’t have those tools at your disposal. You need edc gadgets and emergency essentials like our Defiance Tools® Emergency Car Safety Multi-Tool.
  3. Your Hotel - There are many safety tips you may not have thought about when it comes to your hotel. For example, try not to stay on the first floor of a hotel as those are easier targets for thieves. And be careful about who you choose to share your location with on social media. Check your settings and think about whether or not you want to broadcasting to all of Twitter where you are staying...and when you are out of your room. Finally, there are always tons of new people to meet on spring break but keep the fun with new friends in public locations and keep your hotel location private.

Safe Travel Is Fun Travel

Using technology to keep track of valuables, being prepared for anything and keeping your guard up online and off are just a few ways to make spring break travel safer and more fun. What tips do you have to share that we may not have thought about?

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March 25, 2018

Thank you for the tips! I bought the Defiance Tools emergency car safety multi-safety tool!

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