4 Awesome EDC's to Help You MacGyver Your way Into Summer

June 02, 2019 2 min read

4 Awesome EDC's to Help You MacGyver Your way Into Summer

C Larboard and the MacGyver Mindset

With Memorial Day behind us, a lot of people are gearing up for the Summer! Wouldn’t it be great to always be prepared with interesting EDC's by Defiance Tools in your pocket and be like a modern day MacGyver?

So who exactly is MacGyver?

MacGyver is a character on a popular television show which is also called MacGyver. Are you a fan? MacGyver is known for finding simple yet elegant solutions to problems using existing resources.

The term has actually become a verb:

MacGyver (third-person singular simple present MacGyvers, present participle MacGyveringsimple past and past participle MacGyvered).

  1. (transitive) To assemble or repair something by ingenious improvisation, using everyday items that would not usually be used for the purpose. 

Tools for the MacGyver's in All of Us

Here at C Larboard, we have a lot of "MacGyvers" in our community and we pride ourselves on offering helpful Tools to Navigate Life. We think we have some pretty cool EDC (everyday carry) gadgets that can assist with any Spring/Summer road trip, vacation or project around the house. 

4 of our Favorite EDC Gadgets

  • The Defiance Tools Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo has two tools that are great for any road-trip or project around the house.  The Scissors Multi-Tool is steel spring loaded and has an innovative eyeglass screwdriver as one of it's 7 functions and includes a handy nylon pouch.  The Pliers Multi-Tool folds up into a unique pocket friendly shape and includes a key chain and has 8 functions.

Defiance Tools Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo

  • The Skull Design EDC Multi-Tool that is 8 tools in 1 is our one item that is perfect for your keyring. We love the size and all the functionalities it has: wrench, Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, rope/twine cutter, bicycle spoke wrench, paint can opener, tack claw, bottle opener. It’s super handy and versatile!

skull design 8 in 1 keychain tool

  • Defiance Tools EDC Pliers – 16 Tools In 1. This can handle just about any task around your home, boat, tiny house, garage or even on the job site. Its super tough stainless-steel construction has just the right combination of weight and precision engineering which means you can feel the quality. We love that it has so much functionality including a wire cutter/stripper, several sizes of hex wrench, a wood/metal file, 5 CM rule and the ability to be a car safety tool. It even comes with a convenient nylon holster/pouch!


  • Our theory here at Defiance Tools is that everyone needs a utility blade. This is why we created the Defiance Tools EDC Utility Multi Tool with LED light. Not only does it have a quick-change replaceable utility blade and a saw, but it also has a Phillips and slotted screwdriver bit which is stored in a clever magnetic holder. Whether you need a utility blade to open a package, a screwdriver to tighten a loose hinge on a kitchen cabinet, or a saw to do some light pruning this EDC gadget multi-tool can get the job done!


MacGyver Your Way Into Summer

Think of the all of the possibilities of MacGyvering your way through life with these fun and handy EDC Gadgets.

As always check out the entire C Larboard store for these great EDC's and other unique tools! 

Rich Coulcher ~ Co-Founder C Larboard

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