October 21, 2018 3 min read

Who Doesn't Deserve Some Travel Gifts for Health and Happiness?

In the last few weeks, I shared two blog posts about the benefits of travel. In "Is Travel the Way to Better Health and Happiness?" and "What Can Your Travels Do for You?" I went over the many benefits of travel. What is so great about travel is that it helps reduce stress, makes you more creative, brings you happiness and encourages you to explore new things. And who doesn't deserve to reap those benefits? 

Travel is an important part of the C Larboard business and mindset. In fact, Rich and I started this company so that we could work together and travel more. Many of the products we have introduced are perfect travel gifts for all different types of travel. Whether it’s a long journey overseas, a road trip exploring the countryside or a staycation where you ride the local trail, C Larboard has the perfect items to make each adventure a little bit healthier and yes even happier.

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Travel Gifts – Perfect for Yourself or The Traveler In Your Life!

The Defiance Tools® B2 Ebike

Our Defiance Tools® B2 Ebike is one of our favorite travel gifts to give AND buy for yourself. The fact that it folds in half and can fit in your car or boat makes it perfect for a road trip or even your staycation. Because you can use the pedals to ride it like a traditional bike as well with the motor assist, it will also help you stay fit while you are traveling.

Defiance Tools B2 Ebike

Defiance Tools B2 Ebike

The Defiance Tools On-The-Go Insulated Coffee Press

Never be without your coffee or tea while you are traveling! Our Defiance Tools On-the-Go Insulated Coffee Press is the perfect beverage tool for coffee aficionados who enjoy a custom cup of French Press coffee anywhere in the world.

Not only does it press the coffee, it also serves as a double insulated cup to drink from and take on the go with you! Another feature of the On-The-Go Insulated Coffee Press is that it can be used with any loose-leaf tea. Just imagine all new interesting coffees or teas you can try from the areas you are visiting!

Defiance Tools On the Go Coffee Press

The Defiance Tools 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool 

Whether you are traveling on that road trip across Route 66 or exploring the European countryside, you still need to think about safety! Our Defiance Tools 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool is one of the most perfect EDC gadgets to bring with you on your travels. It’s more than just a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter! Built into its patented design is a 200 lumen floodlight, a 70 lumen flashlight, a flashing red SOS light and a built-in magnet.  Never be on the road without it!

Defiance Tools Auto Emergency Light

The Defiance Tools EDC Pliers – 16 Tools In 1

Do you remember from my blog post 2 weeks ago I mentioned my family’s motorhome trips? I’m sure my parents wish they had the Defiance Tools EDC Pliers – 16 Tools In 1 with them! It can handle just about any task and is made from super tough stainless-steel.

It has just the right combination of weight and precision engineering, so you can feel the quality you’ve come to expect from Defiance Tools. This tool is easy to use and comes in a convenient nylon holster/pouch, so you can carry it anywhere – RV, boating trip, bike ride or road trip!

Defiance Tools EDC Pliers – 16 Tools In 1

What Travel Items Are You Missing? 

Thank you so much for being a part of our community of life enthusiasts where travel near or far is a part of creating the perfect life. You or your lucky gift recipients deserve to add a little health and happiness to your next journey with these travel gifts. Shop C Larboard right now for these travel gifts and other unique gifts, gadgets, EDC’s and tools!

~Zoe' Coulcher, Co-Founder of C Larboard

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