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Looking for Romantic Travel Destinations for Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and perhaps you are still looking for ideas for your sweetheart. Maybe it is time for a romantic getaway or maybe you just want to daydream for a while. Either way, we have you covered when it comes to romantic travel destinations, unique gifts for women and great gadgets for men for Valentine's Day.

4 of Our Favorite Romantic Travel Destinations for Valentine's Day

I thought I would share with you some of Rich and my favorite locations for romantic getaways that we have enjoyed in the past. 

  • Roatan
Roatan is an island off of Honduras and where Rich and I went for our 25th anniversary this past year. We literally, rented a beachside cabin and relaxed all week. It was low key and it felt like we were on our own private island!
  • A Cruise
Rich and I have been lucky enough to have taken several cruises. What is amazing about a cruise is that you can totally disconnect. On most cruises your cell phone coverage is limited and the tv is also limited. I think the biggest part of having a romantic vacation is being able to disengage. A cruise is perfect for this! 
  • Paris
Approximately, 10 years ago Rich had a business meeting in Paris around Valentine's Day. So I flew over to meet him for a couple of days. I know you say, "Paris for a few days???". I feel that sometimes you just need a few days to explore a city. You pack in your must-do locations and enjoy each other's company. The epitome of a romantic getaway is anything spur of the moment!
  • A Staycation
Sometimes you just don't have the time to go on an extensive trip. Sometimes you do not have to fly anywhere to have a romantic getaway. In fact, Rich and I recently had a romantic staycation. As some you know we love Disney, so we stayed in one of the Disney hotels that has a kitchen. This allowed us to bring food with us, cook amazing meals together and just relax. It was pretty awesome. 


Share YOUR Favorite Romantic Travel Destination for Valentine's Day

Where is your favorite romantic travel destination for Valentine's Day? Leave your comment below to help someone else in our community who is looking for a new, romantic travel destination.

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Zoe’ Coulcher ~ Co-Founder C Larboard

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