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Are you looking for cool unique gifts that won’t leave your wallet empty? Showing love and appreciation to your loved ones does not require you to spend all of your money. Check out some of our top picks of thoughtful and budget-friendly gift ideas, all for less than $25!

1.Double Wall Skull Glass

Unique gift.I bought a few of these as gifts as I had some hard time buying for people and had never seen anything like this before. Everyone loved them and toasted the holidays. Very fun gift. Bigger than I expected!

What makes our products super exciting here atC Larboard, is that we discover them during our travels around the world. During a sourcing trip to Hong Kong, we found a factory that was doing some amazing glassware.

One of our coolest finds is our Defiance Tools Double Wall Skull Glass. Made up of superior materials and construction, this unique looking glass can handle both hot and cold liquids without any problems, thanks to its borosilicate glass material.

Fill this glass with your favorite hot or cold beverage and see the amazing skull detail come to life! A great addition to any bar and a definite conversation starter for your friend’s next get-together or cocktail party. The product’s 2 ¾ oz double wall capacity allows users to drink a hot espresso or a chilly cocktail without hands getting hot or cold.

This Skull Glass is large enough to hold a doppio espresso, a double shot of bourbon, your favorite aperitif or a half a glass of wine. Order this unique gift and make your next gift a huge hit.

2.5 oz Stainless Steel Travel Flask

The Defiance Tools 5 oz Stainless Steel Travel Flask will without a doubt quickly become your favorite portable libation carrier. Just use the handy stainless-steel funnel to easily fill the Travel Flask with five ounces of your favorite liquor or spirits.

It is made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, comes with a threaded cap that includes a polymer seal and even includes a funnel. A high-quality affordable gift for only $19.99, offering a unique design that your loved one will definitely appreciate and make great use of. A smart and refreshing gift for the hot summer months that lie ahead of us.

3. Fruit-Infusing Water Bottle & Juicer

“Bought four! All of my daughters and I LOVE this bottle. I was going to give one away as a gift but kept it for myself.”

This is a great gift for that sporty or health-conscious friend of yours. Reusable water bottles for hydration are currently a huge trend. Providing that extra bit of flavor by squeezing citrus fruits like lemon, lime, or oranges in the water is a huge plus; however, this can get messy and time-consuming.

Our unique everyday Nutri Aqua Bottle is designed to offer a way to easily infuse citrus or many of your favorite fruits into a streamlined and stylish drinking bottle. Simply open up the bottom, cut your fruit in half, juice it, close it up, flip it over and fill it with water. Carry it with you wherever you go and get yourself those extra vitamins.

It is made up of clear BPA-free Tritan plastic with super tough polypropylene caps and silicone seals. It also includes an integral wrist strap for easy carrying. Choose from our two trendy colors:orange orgreen, and make your next gift as cool, practical and unique as can be.

Check out theYoutTube video review to find out more about this unique and highly affordable gift!

4. ManaTee Loose-Leaf Tea Infuser

During our trips to Asia and England, we always love a spot of tea. We know that many members of our C Larboard community are tea drinkers that are looking for that perfect cup of tea. But the issue that has challenged tea drinkers from the beginning of time until today, is how to keep the loose tea leaves out of the cup of tea.

Let the ManaTee Loose-Leaf Tea Infuser come to the rescue! Just fill ManaTee up with your favorite loose-leaf tea, attach it to the side of your cup, add hot water and enjoy! ManaTee will keep the tea leaves in place as the proper temperature water steeps out all the flavor and goodness.

Made of high-quality 100% food-grade silicone, we really cannot say enough about how adorable and effective this manatee infuser is. Truly a high-quality, unique gift for yourself or that special someone who loves tea. Check out ourStainless Steel Loose-Leaf Tea Infuser and Tray as well, and double up your present!

5. On-The-Go Insulated Coffee Press

A French press makes a great concentrated cup of coffee, but they are usually designed of glass and not an easy device to travel with. We discovered the On-The-Go Insulated Coffee Press and now we can imagine a world where we could make a French press coffee anywhere in the world.

Not only does it press the coffee,but it also serves as a double insulated cup to drink from and take on the go with you! This is the perfect beverage tool for coffee aficionados who enjoy a custom cup of joe but have a job that takes them on the road.

Perfect for the tradesman, realtor, traveling salesperson, student, or anyone on the go. No coffee brewer needed, just hot water and ground coffee, wait for 4 to 7 minutes, press down and enjoy. So easy and your coffee stays hot for 8 hours or more!

6. Natural Jade Facial Massage Roller

“I feel this cool roller on my face and was intrigued and had to investigate after the facial was over. It seemed like a simple, small tool, but it felt incredible. So, I was then on a search to find one for myself and eventually for the C Larboard community!”

An invigorating gift to say the least. Zoe discovered this beautiful natural jade facial massage roller during her facial in China. It is a definite must-have for any woman, and quite frankly, any man. It comes with a wide roller, a narrow roller, and a handle, all made from natural jade crystal.

The wide roller is good for massaging the cheeks, the forehead, and the neck, while the narrow roller that works best for massaging the eye areas and the temples. It can be used on a clean dry face by itself or with the addition of essential oils, face serums or moisturizers.

You could even stick your roller in the freezer overnight and use it the next morning to awake and refresh you. Gift your loved one something different, with this natural jade facial massage roller!

7. 2 oz Bell Style Solid Base Jigger

Upgrade those basic jiggers out there with the Defiance Tools 2 oz Bell Style Solid Base Jigger. This heavy but balanced jigger will quickly become your favorite mixology tool. 

Handcrafted from 304 stainless steel, you will love the solid feel as you use it to measure from 1/4 oz to 2 oz of any liquid, while you craft the perfect cocktail. In addition, we have added in metric measurements from 1.5 cl (15 ml) to 6 cl (60 ml), in case your recipe uses those measurements.

8. Pyxis Glass Loose Leaf Teapot Kettle

Say goodbye to the biggest problem that comes with tea drinking: tea leaves. Our Pyxis Glass Loose Leaf Teapot Kettle will eliminate the possibility of any loose tea leaves ending up in your cup of tea-instantly!It is ideal for loose leaf tea, your favorite bagged tea or blooming teas. This Teapot makes enjoying your tea effortless - whether hot, iced or cold-steeping tea.

The pot and the handle are both produced out of the top-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass and are stove-top safe, which makes the kettle ideal for boiling water and for steeping your favorite teas.

It also features a comfortable rounded handle and a drip-proof spout, and a steel lid that will keep your drink as fresh as it gets. Thanks to its tall filter basket infuser, you can choose to steep one cup or a whole pot of hot “tea leaf free” tea.

The large capacity of the filter basket infuser and its ultra-fine mesh make it a wonderful choice for your all your favorite loose leaf teas, and herbal teas. Your tea lover friend will absolutely love this, to say the least.

9. 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker

Do you know someone who loves to make drinks? Maybe they are a professional bartender or mixologist or maybe they are just passionate about creating drinks.

Then the Defiance Tools 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker is the perfect gift for them! Our version is 16 oz and made of double-wall, vacuum-sealed stainless steel. 

This means that it will keep your hands warm and your drinks cold for over 9 hours. This shaker features a jigger cap and a built-in strainer, with a food-grade silicone seal that keeps the cocktail inside while you're shaking it.

The 3.5" opening in the 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker is also big enough to stir a cocktail with a Hoffman spoon if your customer prefers stirred...not shaken.

10. Metal Skull Shot Glass

A fun and interesting gift, oursilver, andblack Defiance Toolsmetal skull shot glasses could be purchased together to create a gift set for your friend or special person. A great addition to any bar and a definite conversation starter for your friend’s next gathering.

The design is inspired by the Defiance Tools logo and we worked with a factory in Dongguan, China to develop this exclusive design to bring to our customers and skull enthusiasts. Made out of unique materials, including die-cast zinc and anodized aluminum, your friends will adore this.

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