3 Cool EDC Gadgets for Women That Make Life Less Stressful

July 15, 2018 3 min read

 3 Cool EDC Gadgets for Women That Make Life Less Stressful

Create Less Stress for the Women in Our Lives

In last week’s blog we spoke about 6 Cool EDC Gadgets to Get Kids Unplugged and Into Adventure. Rich will be revisiting some of our top picks for cool EDC gadgets for men in an upcoming post. This week I wanted to highlight some cool EDC gadgets that make life easier, more fun, and less stressful for the women in our lives. 

Women, Stress and What the Science Says 

I found an interesting article titled: Research-Based Links Between Happiness and Stress Relief. It discusses how stress can add up in women's lives and what we need to become more resilient in order to effectively deal with it. The answer it seems, is joy.

The article goes on to discuss an interesting study from Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson who pioneered a branch of study that has found that positive emotions such as joy, contentment, or appreciation carry independent and lasting benefits.

So bottom line - doing little things to lift your mood throughout the day really can have a lasting effect on your resilience toward stress

Tools that Women Can Use to Navigate Life and Decrease Stress

We have found some Tools to Navigate Life that will increase those “good mood” moments that will help keep even the busiest of women, stress-free!

1. Defiance Tools B2 Folding Electric Bike - Recently we told you on the blog about researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder, that gave a group of sedentary and out of shape women (and men) electric bikes to ride to work. The results were incredibly exciting in three key areas. Great health benefits were gained with very little effort. The results offer great hope for women who want to increase joy in order to decrease stress. Study participants reported that riding electric bikes was "a blast". The health benefits of riding ebikes cannot be ignored, but neither should the fact that riding ebikes is an easy way to get outside, have some fun and reduce some stress. Click the image of me below for more info. 

    Defiance Tools B2 Folding Ebike

    2. Find It Bluetooth 2 Way Locater - Little moments matter in creating happiness. With our Find It Bluetooth 2 Way Locater, you will have so many moments of "organized" happiness every single day. Stay on track and on schedule and stop wasting precious time looking for lost items. Moms, this cool EDC gadget work for kids too as it does double duty as a remote control for easily taking selfies. Any woman of any age can use this simple Communication Tool for de-stressing. Get more information by clicking the image below. 

      Find It

      3. Automatic Purse Light - Using these cool EDC gadgets will light up the mood of ladies of all ages. This Automatic Purse Light will light up any purse without needing to push any buttons. And then it turns itself off. Think of the little bit of joy you will feel each time you dig into your purse and find exactly what you are looking for. Need we say more? Click below on the light to get the rest of the story. 


        Here’s to Less Stress and Having More Fun!

        Think of the possibilities to decrease stress and increase happiness that the women in all of our lives will have with these Tools to Navigate Life! Be sure to pick up as many as you will need of each item before they sell out. Once items in our shop sell out, never know if we will be restocking.

        Visit CLarboard.com for all of these cool EDC gadgets for women and many more Tools to Navigate Life. 


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