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The Star Wars feature film series is one of the most popular science fiction movies ever made. There are millions of loyal fans of this series worldwide who have watched all the movies. 

Some of the fans have watched the movies repeatedly and are familiar with the different characters. Many people have a family member or a friend, who is a loyal Star Wars fan. 

Therefore, they are looking for a suitable Star Wars themed gift which they can give to their loved ones that are unique and memorable and will be appreciated by the recipient.

Some of the best gifts with a Star Wars theme are available in our new pop-up shop full of Star Wars collectibles and many others are discussed below to give all you lucky gift-buyers some juicy insights.

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Star Wars Movie DVDs

The Star Wars movie DVD set includes all six feature films in theStar War series. The DVD set uses the highest quality video and audio so that the viewer feels that he is watching the movie in the theater. 

There are a total of twelve DVDs in this set with all the six movies in the series. The DVDs also include more than forty hours of extra footage for Star Wars fans. This consists of the story from multiple angles and scenes that are extended or deleted by the board. 

The director George Lucas and crew have provided audio commentary. Interviews with the cast, crew, and other interesting information is also included. 

A Blu-ray version of the movies is also available.

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Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid Robot

The Sphero BB-8 droid robot is an adventure robot that is designed to move, push, pull, drive or apply force based on the commands which are issued by the user. It also has a wide range of expressions. The robot has a polycarbonate shell, which is designed like BB-8 droids in Star Wars.

 In addition to voice commands, there is also an app available for controlling the robot as it moves from one place to another. A force band is also supplied with the Astromech Droid. 

Using Bluetooth, the robot can be propelled to a distance of thirty meters gyroscopically. On a charged battery, the robot can be used for one hour at a time. The robot uses induction charging.

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Darth Vader Electronic Helmet

The Darth Vader helmet is based on one of the most popular characters in Star Wars, Darth Vader, the Sith Lord. The black-colored helmet is very similar to the one which is worn by Darth Vader in the movie.

It consists of three different sections the collar, mask, and hood. These parts are adjustable so that they fit properly. When the collar is worn and activated, the breathing FX can be used.

Wearing the mask will activate the helmet related FX. The electronic helmet can generate sounds which are very similar to those in the movie. 

Keep in mind that the batteries are required for this helmet.

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R2-D2 Talking Cookie Jar

The white and blue cookie jar is designed to look like the astromech droids R2-D2 from the movie Star Wars and adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen with its unique design. 

The jar will make a beeping sound when it is opened or closed just like the droid R2-D2 in the movie. The jar is made from plastic and is ideal for those who enjoy hearing the R2-D2 beeping sound. 

The jar uses three batteries, and these batteries are supplied with it. The jar is widely used for keeping cookies, though other food items may also be used as well.

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Lego Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

The alarm clock is a Lego type figure designed to look like the Stormtroopers in Star Wars films who patrol the galactic universe. The alarm clock is white and black in color. It has a digital LCD, which shows the time in digital format.

The display will light up at specific times. This clock can be given as a gift to children above the age of six. The head, arms, legs, wrists of the Stormtrooper figure are moveable to make the clock look realistic. 

In addition to the alarm function, it also has a snooze function. AAA batteries are required for the clock.

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Stormtroopers Deco Light

The deco light is designed to look like the head and the helmet of the Stormtroopers in the Star Wars series. The three-dimensional deco light is designed to be placed on the wall, though it can be placed anywhere in the room for illumination. 

Since it utilizes three AA type batteries, it is also wireless and can be moved conveniently from one place to another. LED lighting is used so that the light will not feel hot to touch. It can be fixed on the wall using a decal, and it creates the effect of emerging from the wall. 

This light is popular with small children and can be fixed on the walls of their room.

Star Wars Night Light

The acrylic night light can be adjusted using a remote control to change its shape and look like different characters from the movie Star Wars. The night light can create a three-dimensional illusion of a sphere and characters from the film like the Death Star and Millenium Falcon.

The user can choose from seven different colors. There are also buttons provided at the base of the unit to change the settings. The advantage of this lamp is its low power consumption. It is also durable, and the LEDs will typically last for 10000 hours. 

The lamp can be used for decor in the bedroom, study room, or the office. 

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Most people are aware of what kind of product their family members or friends would like; some would prefer the complete set of Star Wars movies in DVD format, others are children who enjoy playing with toys, while others would appreciate a utility item like an alarm clock, lighting or cookie jar. 

Therefore, based on what the loved ones might like, you can choose from any of the above gifts with a Star Wars theme, to show how much you care.

Check out our limited edition vintage star wars collection to find the best gift for that die-hard Star Wars friend of yours!

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