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FMCA Rally

The Big Question: How Was Our Experience at The FMCA Rally?

As I mentioned in the previous blog What is FMCA and Why Should Travel Enthusiasts Care? Rich and I were headed to Perry, Georgia last week to attend the FMCA’s 99th Annual International Convention & RV Expo. Just as a reminder, FMCA is the acronym for Family Motor Coach Association and the association is a source for information about all facets of RV ownership and travel. 

Believe it or not, my parents were members of the FMCA. They owned a 1976 GMC “Palm Beach” motorhome. So I was very familiar with the organization, but my parents never attended a convention. I was wondering if the wait would be worth it? 

Now of course Rich and I have attended many different types of conventions through the years, but we were not totally sure what to expect at this one.

FMCA Rally

What was the FMCA’s99th Annual International Convention & RV Expo Like?

First, let me paint a picture of the FMCA Rally….we are at the Georgia national fairgrounds and there are over 2500 RV’s at this event. It is so large and spread out, that FMCA runs shuttles to get people from one end to the other.

There are stages setup for events, RV manufacturers set up outside to show off their models, food vendors to help feed people and 2 large buildings where vendors are set up. That’s where we are! It was much larger than we expected. We were glad we were ready with our "Tools To Navigate Life". 

Rich and I decided to showcase our brand Defiance Tools®, and brought a wide assortment of items. What was great was being in front of people showing our product, explaining the features and allowing our C Larboard community to touch and feel the products for themselves.

We even had the folding electric bike in our booth. It was fantastic to be able to have people touch, feel and test drive the electric bike. I would man the booth and Rich would take the people outside to test the bike. This worked perfectly! We sold out of all of the Defiance Tools B2 Folding Ebikes we brought to the show. 

FMCA rally

What Did We Learn from Attending the 2019 FMCA Rally? 

The most important thing we learned is how wonderful the FMCA community is. We had read a bit online before the event about the FMCA community and how there is a special camaraderie that develops between families. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and welcomed us to the community. It meant a lot to us. 

We also learned that is important to get in front of our customers. We now want to do local Orlando pop-up events as well as attend more RV events. 

Now the big question becomes, do we get an RV or trailer to take to more shows and feature our product? And what should we get? If you have any suggestions for us, please comment below. We would love to hear what you think!!

Zoe’ Coulcher ~ Co-Founder C Larboard & Defiance Tools

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Nancy Michaels
Nancy Michaels

April 01, 2019

Good for you guys, looks like fun and a lot of work I bet.

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