Gadgets for Men AND a FREE Tool Roll for Dad this Father's Day!

June 03, 2018 2 min read

Gadgets for Men AND a FREE Tool Roll Makes Father's Day Gift Giving Easy

Do you ever find it hard to find the right words to express appreciation for the special people in your life? When it comes to thanking dad, sometimes the right words may be hard to find.

You want and need gadgets for men that will help dad live life defiantly, make your life easy AND ensure that your gift stands out because it is needed, useful and appreciated.

Gadgets for Men That Dad Actually Wants

You want to find something for dad for Father's Day that he can use because if he is like most dads, he has a lot of “stuff” already. He already has ties, cologne, gift certificates to a sporting goods store and maybe you have even tossed in some really special experiences over the years.

Maybe Father’s Day in the past included gifts like trips to exotic locations or tickets to his favorite sporting event, but this year you are totally stumped. To make matters worse, we know how it goes…life can be busy so it can be tough to find the time to shop.

gadgets for men for father's day from C Larboard

Why Not Help Dad Live Life Defiantly This Year? 

We can think of no better gifts for the deserving dad and no better value for your gifting dollars than products from our Defiance Tools® line. These tools go WAY BEYOND hammers and screwdrivers!

From Transportation Tools like our electric bikes to Food and Beverage Tools like the Defiance Tools® BBQ multi-tool, you will find something of quality that is unique for every dad.

We always offer FREE SHIPPING and you never have to pay any membership fees to get it.

Check out our gifts for men below from our Defiance Tools® line that will help dad live his life defiantly and help you get a great Father's Day deal. 

Get YOUR Father's Day Deal on Gadgets for Men That Every Dad Will Like!

Just in time for Father’s Day, buy 3 Defiance Tools products and get a FREE Waxed Canvas Tool Roll. The Waxed Canvas Tool Roll keeps Dad's favorite tools neatly organized. Mix and match or buy 3 of the same item from our Defiance Tools & Ebikes collection.

Be sure to add the Waxed Canvas Tool Roll to your cart during checkout and use discount code "rollup" during checkout.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Father's Day!!

Zoé and Rich Coulcher, 
Co-Founders, C Larboard 


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