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Here at  C Larboard, we understand shopping for that significant other can be overwhelming, especially when they claim they do not want anything! 

When it comes to holiday gift shopping, there are three sub-categories that encapsulate pretty much all women: 

  1. There are women who don’t want anything. 
  2. Then there are women who SAY THEY DON’T want anything but actually do.
  3. Then there are women who ACTUALLY MEAN IT when they say they don’t want anything. 

If you're the unfortunate individual shopping for #3, don't fret! There are still plenty of gift-giving options all gift receivers will appreciate. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive; it doesn’t have to be flashy. It can be their favorite chocolate, or a bunch of roses bought at a red-light, or even a good massage, whatever it may be, remember that the simplest of gestures that can mean the world. 

Consider leaving them tiny notes on their nightstand or on the fridge and they’ll stay beaming all day.   

Here’s a list of interesting things to give her which she'll love and use.

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1. For Care Packages 

It’s a no-fail gift for every woman out there. It doesn’t have an expiry date and it's always considered thoughtful. What is in a care package? 

Well, a bunch of things she told you she likes. It could be inside jokes, useful items, concert tickets to her favorite band. Take your time to think about the little things that make her happy on a daily basis. 

If you have to ask a friend of hers for some advice on beauty products, or other go-to items go for it!  If you do it right, your care package can be quite meaningful and it’s always a nice gesture to say someone understands and cares about you. 

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2. For the one who’s always stressed: Hate getting a massage?

Said no women ever. No matter how the day went, ask a woman if she likes getting massages and she will always answer ‘yes’. 

bare feet

Now, do a bit of future planning for the days they are all by themselves. Get them a good body andfacial massager that takes care of sore shoulders,neck, back, thighs, and feet. 

Take her to a spa-candy land and let her run wild. Because genuinely, it’s impossible to know which one she’ll like. A Cryotherapy, Hot Stone, Ayurvedic, or Thai Spa are all great examples of specialty spas to cleanse her specific needs.

3. For the Traveler:Emergency Phone Charger

emergency phone charger

This small emergency phone charger is a great gadget to take everywhere you go. If she travels, she might need a jump start charge in a moments notice. This tiny tool can fit in your pocket and wont take up much room in your purse or backpack! Powered by just two double AA batteries, this charger will serve as one of the best safety nets.  

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4. For the Nostalgic One: Throw Blanket from Sweatshirts

Call her mom and ask if she kept her sweatshirts all these years. If she did, Congratulations! Somebody is getting a cozy blanket of memories sewn together with love! Make sure you ask her if she cares about her old T-shirts.

If she says ‘no’ you’ve got the green light to take it to a tailor and get all of her t-shirts stitched together into a bunny sack or a quilt or a couch comforter.If she wants to hold on to her t-shirts try a heated throw blanket you both can cuddle up under.

5. For the Craft Lover: DIY Jewelry 

It’s all about the gestures. Remember? You don’t have to be an artist or a goldsmith to craft out some fancy piece of jewelry. Just watch some DIY videos and you’ll see how simple it is. 

Even if she isn’t a jewelry fanatic, she’ll love it and will most probably carry that piece to her deathbed. Women are sweet like that.

If making jewelry isn’t your specialty? Try C Larboard’sFreshwater Pearl and Jade Bracelet!

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6.  For the Plant Lover

Look around her house and notice if she has house plants.  If she does, chances are she is into potting and gardening. So, go ahead, and get her some more plants. A plant is always a nice gift because it can add life to any room! 

Do some research on the best indoor and outdoor plants based on her neighborhood. Some outdoor house plants thrive in the deserts of California and others from a rainforest habitat might not need much light or water for days. Think about the kind of pots you could get her or possible plant potting accessories like a plant wall hanger or a gardening shovel!

7. For the Instagrammer: Phone Lens Adapter

phone lense adapter with LED

If you’ve got a cell phone chances are you’re on social media. Give her this tool to document her glamorous life with family and friends. This clip-on mobile phone lens with LED lightcrafted with aluminum and precision optical glass lenses will allow her to take photos of full landscapes and catch that priceless selfie, night or day!

8. For the Sentimental One: Photo Album

looking ag polaroids

It’s a bit hard to keep track of but if by any chance you have been collecting some memories from the first date, first movie, the first bill, first fight picture and/or any other firsts, just make a cute jazzed-up box of all thesecollectibles and give it to her. Try a photo album or wooden photo wall hanger!


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9. For the Coffee Lover:Pour Over Coffee Pot

clear pour-over coffee pot

Coffee is an essential for most. A coffee enthusiast will appreciate the thought of a pour-over coffee pot.

This is great for making a smaller pot of coffee with some freshly ground coffee as an alternative to a single-serve K-cup or pod type coffee machine. This is great for when weekday mornings are a bit too rushed, or for the weekends when you both can share a cup of joe while eating breakfast.

10. For the Chef: Healthy Cookbooks

It’s always good to have a list of home-recipes for meals any day of the week. If she is a great cook or wants to learn more about cooking, she'll definitely appreciate it!

Forget the internet, everyone still needs that go-to home cookbook. This can also be in invitation to start a new activity that can be done together!

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11. For the Health Nut: Food Basket

She can either be a food lover or a health freak. Either way, she won’t say no to food. Keeping her food choices and preferences in mind, gift her an assorted bag of munchies that she can enjoy on the lazy days when she isn’t in the mood for cooking. 

Don’t forget to add a jar of Nutella and most definitely DO NOT confuse it with the care package. Remember, there’s a difference between happy eating and moody eating!

12. For the Busy One: Chore Coupons 

man cleaning glass

Does she work long hours and have little time to enjoy her own space? Give her coupons that entitle her to a week or a month ofyou-labor and let her be the boss. Do the dishes, feed the dog, make meals, get the groceries, do the laundry and the works.

This will help her catch up on well needed ‘her’ time and allow her to feel a little less scattered. And most importantly, what better than feeling loved by someone taking care of you.

13. For the Fun One: Couples T-Shirts

She might find them horrible too but for once, get those quirky couple t-shirts (you know the ones!) and wear them for one full day. Get loads of pictures and put them on a spread. 

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14. For the Organized One: Customized desk calendar

Remind her how amazing she is, that she holds all the power she needs and that she can do it. Be a bit more supportive and a lot more motivating as she feels bogged down most of the time. 

Create a customized desk calendar with motivational quotes and goofy photos of the two of you - so she has something to cheer her up every day. 

15. For the Homebody: New Slippers

She might swear by her Louboutin, but she secretly loves her sheepskin slip-on just as much. Get her a pair of those with a giant stuffed toy or anything else she loves on it and she can spend the holidays walking on fluffy clouds. 

16. For the Fitness Fanatic: Yoga pants

woman doing yoga with a a view of a skyline

Because they are comfortable for her and, let’s face it, you can now wear them anywhere. Get her a comfortable pair, or a few different varieties - you really can’t have too many.

17. For the home bartender: Mixology Kit

C Larboard mixology bartender set

With every great occasion comes specialty drinks. Give this host the tools to create their own unique drink menu! This gift is great for a woman who knows her drinks, or wants to learn more about making that smooth old fashion, or crisp martini. 

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18. For the Picky One: Gift cards

Still doubting if she’ll like any of these gifts or not? Well, time for ye ol’ reliable – A gift card! Yes, it’s as simple as that. 

Just get her a gift card from her favorite store or brand and her eyes will sparkle with the inspiring possibilities. 

You can’t always read someone’s mind. We get it. A gift card gives her all the freedom of shopping without the financial burden she may feel when deciding to walk into the store.  Some great gift card options include: Amazon, Sephora, and Nordstrom! 

19. Manatee Tea Infuser

Manatee Tea loose leaf tea infuser

What a better way to cozy up for the holidays with a cup of loose leaf tea. If she’s got a love for animals and some tea laying around, chances are she will love this gift!

Pair this adorable manateewith her favorite loose leaf tea and when she opens it, get ready to hear how cute it is.

In Conclusion

giving a surprise gift

Whatever gift you decide to give that special woman in your life. Remember it truly is the thought that counts. It can be practical, beautiful, or sentimental. It does not have to have to cost you loads of time and money. Everyone enjoys a thoughtful gift, even if they say they don’t want anything.

For more holiday gift ideas check out our holiday gift guide for gifts everyone will love!

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