May 26, 2019 2 min read

Memorial Day Already?

It seems like it was just yesterday that here at C Larboard we were celebrating New Years and now it is already Memorial Day! This year Memorial Day is Monday May 27th and this special day is designed to remember and honor people who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. 

Memorial Day is considered a federal holiday and is always the last Monday in May. It also is the unofficial start of Summer so many people will be enjoying time with family and friends as well as visiting cemeteries and memorials to honor those who died in military service.

C Larboard Honors Our Military

Here at C larboard we are appreciate the sacrifices that people in the military and their families make every day.

We have found a company to partner with that actually verifies if one of our customers is an active duty military person, a veteran or one of their dependents and then provides each individual with a unique code. Codes are unlimited – so all our customers have to do is sign back into the system and get their next code!

With that code members of our military can save 25% each and every time they shop at Check out our discount code page HERE

Segment Description Eligible
Active Duty Currently serving (working full-time) in the Armed Forces. Yes ☑️
Veteran Previously served in Armed Forces and was discharged under Honorable conditions. Yes ☑️
Retired, Disabled Same as Veteran. In some cases these terms are used interchangeably. Yes ☑️
Dependent Spouses or children of Active Duty or Veterans. Yes ☑️


Please pass along this amazing offer to anyone you may know that would appreciate this special discount!

From innovative items, tools, and everyday carry gadgets there is a lot for military families to enjoy at

What are you doing for Memorial Day?

Here at C Larboard we are looking forward to spending time with friends and family and attending a Memorial Day Parade! Please share with us in the comments below what you are excited for this Memorial Day holiday. 

Safe travels to everyone and God Bless America!

Zoe’ Coulcher ~ Co-Founder C Larboard


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