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EDC Gadgets and Race Fans?

In an earlier blog post titled NASCAR Trivia Questions and Answers Only The Biggest Fans Know, I discussed a little history and trivia about Nascar and racing. I also shared some of my own childhood memories of racing that I really hold dear to my heart. 

I also went over some racing facts like that NASCAR is an acronym for theNational Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, and more specifically stock car racing. If you hold racing dear to your heart, you already know this fact and most likely many of the other bits of trivia I covered in my post. 

You also make a perfect fit for Tools To Navigate Life from our trademarked brand, Defiance Tools®. 

Tools to Navigate Life

With the Defiance Tools' motto, Tools to Navigate Life, we are always striving to make life easier with our gadgets for men and women, emergency essentials and tools.

These edc gadgets will help you navigate race days, and every single day, just a little bit easier. 

EDC Gadgets Perfect for Race Fans

1. The Defiance Tools On-The-Go Insulated French Press

Our Defiance Tools® On-the-Go Insulated Coffee Press is the perfect beverage tool for coffee lovers who enjoy a custom cup of French Press coffee anywhere.

Whether you are traveling to that next race to watch your favorite driver or relaxing at home to enjoy the race, you will never be without a great, hot cup of french press coffee. And don't forget, you can brew tea in it too!

Defiance Tools On the Go Coffee Press


2. The Defiance Tools 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool

We know that race fans are mindful of safety. Think about all of the crazy speedway crashes that are exciting and nerve-racking at the same time too. We all want our favorite drivers (and our own families) to be safe in any car. 

Our Defiance Tools 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool is the perfect EDC gadget to bring with you on your travels or on your everyday drive.

It’s more than just a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter! Built into its patented design is a 200-lumen floodlight, a 70-lumen flashlight, a flashing red SOS light, and a built-in magnet.

Never be on the road without it!

Defiance Tools Auto Emergency Light 

3. Defiance Tools® 5 oz Stainless Steel Travel Flask

Both men and women alike will find our Defiance Tools® 5 oz Stainless Steel Travel Flask the perfect choice to bring their favorite drink on any journey. Whether you are headed off to that next race, sitting in the infield watching the race cars or relaxing at home cheering on your favorite drivers this is the is a perfect choice for those who love libations. 

The Defiance Tools Travel Flask is light, compact and holds the perfect amount of your favorite adult beverage. Filling is easy with included stainless steel funnel. 

    Travel Flask

    4. The Defiance Tools Waxed Canvas Tool Roll

    Now, we know that each pit crew has their many tools and need to keep them extremely organized so that they are prepared for each pit stop. Think of our Defiance Tools 12oz. Waxed Canvas Tool Roll  as your crew chief keeping everything organized and in-line.

    The Defiance Tools' Waxed Canvas Tools Roll has 10 pockets (or slots), measures 26” wide x 14 ¼” high and has a 6 ½” internal flap that protects and covers tools. It will make your life easier when you need to take your tools on the road or keep them organized in your garage. 

    When it's rolled up, the waxed canvas tool roll measures only 6” in diameter by 14 ¼” long. That means it is compact enough to easily store when space is limited. But the design can even handle tools that are up to 14 inches in length. Tools not included, so there's plenty of room for yours!

    Get Your Helpful Tools

    Visit our "Hey Race Fans" page on CLarboard.com which is full of helpful, quality products you need.

    So on that note, this blog is finished and I'm waving the checkered flag!

    Zoe' Coulcher ~ Co-Founder C Larboard 

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