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Let’s face it; sometimes it’s impossible to shop for the man in your life. He never tells you what he wants, he’s never straightforward, and he buys all the things he wants for himself. 

So what do you do? 

You have to get creative. This is your year. You won’t get some silly cliche gift like a tie, socks, or cologne this year. You’re better than that. It doesn’t have to cost you a month's salary to shop for Christmas either. There are plenty of inexpensive Christmasgifts for men

2019 is the year you get this special guy the gift he’ll use for years to come! 

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For The Outdoorsman

Whether it's your husband, dad, brother, friend, or whoever, almost all men love taking the game outside every now and then. 

1. Travel Guide

If your guy likes to travel, but he’s not sure about where to go, why not give him some ideas? We know he can look it up online, but having a physical travel guide is so much more fun! 

2. Skydiving Lessons

skydiver in freefall

What if the man in your life is an adrenaline junkie? Has he been saying for years that he wants to go skydiving, but he's too nervous or scared? Push him over the edge with some lessons that will give him the confidence he needs. 

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3. Smartphone LED Camera Lens

iphone camera lense with LED light

Is your guy always telling you to look at this and look at that? If so, let him upgrade the quality of his photos with a smartphone camera lens. Now he can show you what he’s looking at in crystal clear quality. 

4. Portable Campfire

If your man is more about how many beers he can drink at the campsite, he might enjoy a portable campfire that burns for three hours without any work. More time for drinks and laughs with his buddies equals a great Christmas gift. 

5. Multi-purpose Tool

multi tool

Not every man wants to sit around the fire and drink beer. If your man is into roughing it, he might need some tools to help him get the job done. A multi-purpose tool is a great way to squeeze a whole bunch of gifts into one. 

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For The Self-Proclaimed Chef

Is your man a whiz in the kitchen? (or at least he thinks he is) Maybe these gifts will help make his meals almost edible. 

1. Cooking Class

woman preping to cook a meal by chopping veggies

There are plenty of cooking classes that are available for free at local libraries and community centers. If you’re willing to splurge a little, you can find some awesome classes online. 

2. Self-watering Planter

Not everyone has a green thumb, and a self-watering planter is a fantastic way to ensure your gift doesn’t go to waste. Pick his favorite veggie, and the work is done for him. 

3. Seasoning Sampler

Men love to experiment with different flavors and serve up all kinds of new stuff. Get him a whole bunch of different seasonings, and you’ll be eating something new for the next year. 

4. Travel Flatware Set

travel Flatwear

For the outdoorsman who also likes to cook, you could grab a travel flatware set so you can enjoy his fireside meals in luxury. 

5. Knife Sharpener

There are few things worse in the kitchen than a dull knife. If your man screams every time he has to chop an onion, this gift might do the trick. 

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For The Clean Cut Man

A clean man is a happy man, right? (maybe) Whether you’re buying for your significant other or your dad, these personal grooming gifts will show how invested you are in his hygiene. 

1. Beard Bib

Gone are the days of cleaning the beard hairs out of the sink. Abeard bib ensures that all the hair goes directly into the bib. (and then onto the sink when he tries to take it off) 

2. Grooming Subscription

barber grooms a mans beard

There’s a box for everything nowadays. There are many personalbeard grooming kitsout there for men that contain all kinds of great items. Take a look around and find the one that makes the most sense for the man in your life. 

3. Cologne Sampler

We said we wouldn’t mention cologne, but if you’re struggling to find something that works, this is crazy enough to do the trick. If he can never decide on a specific scent, why not get him a sampler with a few so he can make up his mind later? 

4. Monogrammed Socks

Who doesn’t love monogrammed things? If your man doesn’t, get him monogrammed socks, so no one ever sees them. All jokes aside, socks are a solid gift, and they can even say something cute along with his name. 

5. Bluetooth Hat

Does the man in your life have a long boring commute to work? Do you live in a place where it gets cold? If so, a Bluetooth hat is a brilliant gift. He can listen to music on his commute without having to put anything in his ears or even take off his hat. 

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For the Do-it-Yourselfer

Is your man a DIY enthusiast? Is he always trying to fix, tweak, or improve something around the house? Here are some great gifts for the man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. 

1. Magnetic Wristband Holder

We love this gift because it is so useful. Instead of putting screws in his pocket, your man can put them on this magnetic wristband for easy access. Men love it when you make their life easier. 

2. Home Improvement Guide

old man and a power saw

If he’s struggling to come up with his next DIY project, you can offer up some insight with a helpful home improvement guide. These guides come in many forms, and you can consider a subscription-based magazine that comes in the mail as well. 

3. Protective Chaps

Is he always ruining his clothes or coming into the house looking like Pigpen from Charlie Brown? A set of protective chaps will not only protect his clothes, but they’ll provide him with some extra space to store his DIY goodies. 

4. Auto Hammer

How many times have you nurtured a hammer related wound? If the number is two or more, you should look into an auto hammer. These are inexpensive, and they take a lot of the risk out of hammering jobs. 

5. Dremel Accessory Kit

If your man has a Dremel, you know how much he loves engraving almost everything. Consider getting him a Dremel accessory kit that comes with a bunch of different heads. Soon, everything in your home will have some form of writing on it. 

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For The Goofball

For the man who likes to kick back and have a good time, here are some inexpensive gift ideas that will help him chill out and enjoy life. 

1. Cornhole Game Set

Does your man like games? If so, he’ll love a cornhole set. You’re giving him an excuse to have his friends over, toss back some brews, and lose a little money gambling with his buds. 

2. Cooling Pint Glasses

If keeping his beer cold is one of your man's biggest concerns, take that thought right out of his head with a set of cooling glasses. These come with a wraparound ice pack that keeps his drink cold for hours. 

3. Skull Drinkware

skill shot gladd

Does he love to sip a scotch after dinner or enjoy a double espresso? If that sounds like the man in your life, let him upgrade his beverageware with a skull glass. These skull glasses have a double-walled construction so they are perfect for cold or hot beverages. 

4. Music Subscription

spotify on phone

When he gets sick of shuffling through ads on Youtube and Pandora, why not upgrade him to a premium music subscription and pay for it yourself? Now he can listen to all his favorite tunes without having to hear about how he can save money on his car insurance every five minutes. 

5. Time Off

Sometimes the best gifts are free. Consider offering him some free time when he needs it the most. Draw up your own “gift certificates” that he can exchange for a nice deed. For example, you could put “free massage” on one. Another could say, “night out with your friends.” 

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When You’re Out Of Ideas

What if you’ve gone through this entire list, and you still don’t have any ideas? Here are some options that we’re sure will appeal to the man in your life. 

1. Car Charger

Is he always complaining about how his phone is dying? A car phone charger will help ensure that it never happens again. 

2. DNA Test

Does he like to know more about his heritage? You could get him a DNA test so he can learn more about his family tree (and you can start to understand why he's so insane). 

3. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Does he like music? Do you have kids? Noise cancellation headphones, enough said. 

4. Game Tickets

baseball stadium

How about tickets to his favorite sporting event? We know these can sometimes get expensive, but time it properly and choose the right game and you shouldn’t have to pay too much. 

5. His Favorite Restaurant

When you can’t think of anything to get your man, why not get a reservation at his favorite restaurant and treat him to a meal?

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