Last Minute Steals on AWESOME Stocking Stuffers

December 12, 2018 3 min read

Last Minute Steals on AWESOME Stocking Stuffers

The C Larboard Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Includes Awesome Stocking Stuffers!

As promised, Rich and I are making this holiday season as easy as possible for you! We are offering up unique gifts this holiday season in our Holiday 2018 Gift Guide that make you look good and gift-giving fun again. On the C Larboard website, you will see 6 unique gift guides for the holiday season and this week are highlighting our Stocking Stuffer Suggestions. These are small items all under $10 that are AWESOME stocking stuffers!

  • The Defiance Tools Skull Design 8 In 1 Tool easily attaches to a keychain ring, so it fits easily into your pocket or purse. With it, you can MacGyver your way through difficulty and turn a screw, tighten a bicycle spoke or cut a piece of rope or twine and more. You have probably seen these all over this holiday season. But you can feel the quality in the weight of this small, but efficient multi-tool. One of our best-selling multi-tools. 


Skull Design 8 in 1 Tool

  • The Clip-On Mobile Lens is a great stocking stuffer for all of your photographers, want-to-be photographers or selfie-takers in your life. So often people use their mobile phone, cell phone or tablet to document their travels but can never seem to get the full image. Other times we try to take selfies we take of ourselves or with our friends and have a hard time fitting everyone in the frame.

With our Clip-On Mobile Lens those problems are all solved! Our easy to use, pocket-sized, clip-on, social media mobile accessory is a must-have because it will make your images look awesome almost effortlessly. Our Clip-On Mobile Lens is compatible with Apple, Android & others and works with both the back & front cameras, as long as they are near the top of the device. Lenses like this one of much lesser quality sell for three times as much at the pricey retail stores. 

  • The Defiance Tools Screwdriver Handle Bottle Opener is perfect for anyone who loves a good soda pop or a craft beer. It has a bi-material grip for comfort and durability, the durable plated steel opener fits all standard bottle caps, has a fun design and it can be hung in a convenient location. It's one of the best sellers from our Defiance Tools line!


  • Sometimes stocking stuffers are handy and sometimes they are unique - this one is both! The Emergency Phone Charger is designed to be a backup emergency source, works by magnetically holding two AA batteries in place between the squares and is an essential EDC (everyday carry) gadget must have. 

    It is comprised of two squares, which stay together with magnets, and a small silicone strap. Why AA batteries you ask? Because AA batteries are the most universally recognized and widely sold type of battery on the planet. FYI, that’s also why we don’t include them.

Will it fit a phone or tablet? It comes equipped with a built-in micro-USB connector (Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, etc.) and a lightning adapter (iPhone, iPad), so it’s the perfect device for everyone.

How about charging time? For a modern smartphone, it will give an extra 10% battery capacity in 30 minutes, and 20% in just over an hour.



We are enjoying the holiday season and hope you are too! Shop our Holiday Gift Guide 2018 now and make sure you are signed up for our mailing list! We have so many unique gifts and options to make your holiday shopping a breeze!

~Zoe’ Coulcher, Co-Founder of C Larboard

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