June 16, 2019 3 min read

Looking for Life Hacks this Summer? C Larboard has the Answer!!

With the first day of Summer quickly approaching this week (BTW it is Friday, June 21st) here at C Larboard want to make your summer fun and easier with these life hacks and cool products from our C Larboard gift shop and general store.

Life Hacks you say??

A life hack is a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Life Hacks for Summer with Tools to Navigate Life

BBQ Life Hacks - The Defiance Tools BBQ Multi Tool - 6 IN 1

You know how when you have a backyard BBQ you need four or five utensils to handle the different foods you want to grill? And forget about when you need to open a soda, beer or bottle of wine outside by the grill. So often you have to go back inside to grab the bottle opener and corkscrew. Well, those days are over because there is an easier way.

Now you can simply carry this innovative Defiance Tools BBQ Multi-Tool that is 6 tools in 1, plus it has a nylon storage pouch. You can flip a burger, grab a hot dog or sausage, trim up a piece of fish or even open your favorite beverage. Great for a picnic, the beach or your camping trip! 

BBQ Hack ☑️

Coffee Life Hack - The Defiance Tools On-The-Go Insulated Coffee Press

When traveling, forget the search for the nearest Starbucks or coffee shop! You never again have to be without your coffee or tea while you are traveling. Our Defiance Tools® On-the-Go Insulated Coffee Press is the perfect beverage hack for coffee aficionados who enjoy a custom cup of French Press coffee anywhere. Perhaps you are the type of person that only likes a certain type of coffee or tea and don't particularly care for some of those standard hotel coffee or tea selections. Then this is a great solution! Just bring your favorite coffee or tea with you or explore new options at your favorite destination.

Coffee Hack ☑️☑️

Mixology Life Hack - Defiance Tools 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker

Are you thinking outdoor parties? Now is the perfect time for celebrating the warm weather arriving. The Defiance Tools 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker is a must-have for any mixologist or bartender.

This insulated shaker is an especially great find for those who enjoy mixing cocktails for friends and family, but don't like their hand getting frostbite from holding a standard cocktail shaker. 

Defiance Tools comes to the rescue with their 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Strainer made of double wall, vacuum sealed stainless steel. The perfect hack: It keeps your hands warm and your drink cold for over 9 hours.

This shaker features a jigger cap and a built-in strainer, with a food grade silicone seal that keeps the cocktail inside while you're shaking it. The 3.5" opening in the 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker is also big enough to stir a cocktail with a Hoffman spoon if your customers, friends or family members prefer stirred...not shaken.

Mixology Hack ☑️☑️☑️

Double Walled Cocktail Shaker

Who Knew It Was So Easy to Hack Summer?

Pick up one or all of these summer life hacks right now in our C Larboard gift shop with FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $10.

Zoe' Coulcher ~ Co-Founder C Larboard & Defiance Tools

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