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C Larboard is a community of people who thumb their nose to convention and look to the best bits and pieces of the past. We admire the quest for discovery and pay tribute to the thirst for exploration for new places and things.  We are building the Defiance Tools trademarked brand inspired by breaking out of the expected norm, thinking and living in your own unique way...an act of defiance!

Who YOU are:       

  • You would rather fix it, instead of trash or toss it.
  • You know safety is essential, but you don’t live afraid.
  • There is an air of intrigue, mystery and defiance about you.
  • You crave community, but you don’t rely on others for your happiness.
  • Whether in your hometown or across the globe, life is always an adventure.
  • Family, friends and moments, matter more to you than” success” at work, status or things.

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February 09, 2018

I love this pic!

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