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Han Solo once said, “Never tell me the odds!” The Star Wars franchise has been loved for many years, and fans still love adding their theories and interpretations. Since we know fans also love collectibles, C Larboard has a wide array of vintage Star Wars action figures and collectibles for sale to commemorate the series. 

With all the renewed obsession about this trilogy, here are some little known Star Wars facts that will keep you entertained for hours.

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  1. Joseph Campbell has inspired the original Star Wars concept.

George Lucas based the narrative of the Star War story around the theories of Joseph Campbell’s book, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces." The book argues that myths from around the world share a basic concept. It's the theme that a hero gets out of his or her ordinary world, and goes on an adventure to win a battle.

  1. George Lucas’ first-script was over 200 pages long.

The average length of a screenplay is around 95 to 125 pages, but Lucas’s was more than 200 pages long. Because of that, he had to get rid of the final two acts and present the first act of the screenplay as the complete story.

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  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi was initially supposed to survive.

In 2016, Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew (who passed away on April 30, 2019)  tweeted that Obi-Wan Kenobi actually survived his lightsaber battle with Darth Vader.

  1. Harrison Ford’s casting was accidental.

Lucas was looking for a fresh face and brought in Harrison Ford, who is the street racer Bob Falfa in Lucas’s American Graffiti. His job was to feed lines to the actors during the audition. Lucas saw a dozen actors for the part of Han Solo, but he was impressed with Ford's way of feeding lines to the actors that he caved in and cast him.

  1. The first sound effect was Chewbacca’s voice created for the movie.

Chewbacca's voice is a combination of a lion, a bear, a badger, and a walrus.

  1. The original Millenium Falcon looked a lot different.

The original Millennium Falcon was long and cylindrical. However, the model makers complained the design was similar to another tv show. Because of that, Lucas decided to create the Falcon into a flat design that we have today.

  1. The space battles used real-life war footage.

Lucas used footage of World War II dogfights to create the space battles.

  1. Theaters didn’t want to show Star Wars (Episode 4 - A New Hope) at first.

Less than 40 theaters were willing to show Star Wars, but it nevertheless became the highest-grossing movie of all time. 

  1. The Star Wars Holiday Special was supposed to be a lot different.

The Star Wars Holiday Special is a crazy holiday show that aired in 1978. Lucas had a dozen stories that he already wrote, so Leonard Ripps, one of the producers of the special, planned out everything with him.

  1. Lucas funded the Empire Strikes Back himself at first.

Lucas decided to use his own money to fund "The Empire Strikes Back" despite the studio undermining his every move. This will give Lucas complete creative control, while still having the studio distribute the movie.

  1. Some asteroids in the first movie were made of spray-painted potatoes.

During the Millennium Falcom escape, they needed asteroids in the background. They spray-painted potatoes and filmed them in front of a bluescreen, and called them an asteroid.

  1. Sir Alec didn’t want to be in the 2nd  movie.

Sir Alec described the film as “fairy-tale rubbish” and wanted nothing to do with "The Empire Strikes Back."  However, Lucas eventually persuaded him to appear by allowing him to work only one day, starting from 8:30 am to 1 PM, and he will get paid 1/4 of a percent of the movie's gross income. 

  1. Han Solo’s popular line in Empire Strikes Back wasn’t originally in the script.

In the exchange of love between Princess Leia and Han Solo, Leia says, “I love you,” and Solo responds with, “I know” became very iconic, but it wasn't supposed to be that way. The script had Solo responding with “I love you, too,” but that didn't sound right for Han's cool character, so they improvised with the new response.



  1. Vader’s big reveal was a secret.

The idea was to keep it a secret for as long as possible. That is why a false page was inserted into the scripts with Vader’s dialogue to Luke, "Obi-Wan killed your father.

  1. Darth Vader’s biggest line is often misquoted.

When Darth Vader reveals his secret, he says, “No, I am your father.” However, he is often misquoted with the line: “Luke, I am your father.” 



  1. There was drama over the opening credits.

On Star Wars, Lucas’s name was at the start of the film because of his business, Lucasfilm Ltd.'s title card, but on Empire, the new director and writers were relocated to the end of the credits. The DGA and WGA weren't pleased with the results and fined both Lucas and Kershner (the Director). Even though Lucas paid the fine, there were attempts to sabotage the movie by pulling it from theaters. Because of this, Lucas withdraws his membership from the DGA, WGA, and the Motion Picture Association.

  1. The "Return of the Jedi" was called something else during filming.

Since the Star Wars movie became so popular, and the crews were willing to leak whatever information, Lucas decided to shoot it under the production name "Blue Harvest '' as a decoy. 


  1. Jabba the Hutt required seven puppeteers.

The Jabba puppet was inspired by Sydney Greenstreet, a British actor who had appeared in movies, like The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca. The puppet was created by Stuart Freeborn, and controlled by seven puppeteers. 

One puppeteer managed the right arm and jaw, the second person handled the left hand and other aspects like the head and mouth movements, and a third person was in the tail. There was also one or two people that controlled the eyes, someone who would blow cigar smoke up a tube and another person to help replicate Jabba’s breathing.

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  1. “The Battle of Endor" was supposed to take place on the Wookie Home Planet.

Lucas wanted the idea that primitive society would rise against the technologically advanced society. The Wookiees are a technologically advanced species that can operate the Millennium Falcon, so the lesser-evolved Ewoks were created, and the final battle took place on Endor instead.

  1. The Speeder Bike Chase was filmed extremely slowly.

Lucas wanted to film the bikes racing at a hazardous speed, so the cam operators went through a slow and step-by-step path through the forest and shot at a three-fourths frame/second for hours. In natural rate, the standard 24-frames-per second have made it seem as if the P.O.V. shots were going around 120 miles per hour.

  1. Filmmakers wanted the unmasked Vader to be a movie star.

At first, filmmakers wanted the unmasked Vader in Return of the Jedi to be a well-known actor. However, they eventually changed their mind and decided to use a lesser-known British actor instead.

  1. The saga may have ended a lot differently.

At first, Lucas suggested that Luke Skywalker should take off Vader's mask and put it on himself, and say, "Now I am Vader."

The idea was dismissed because Lucas didn’t want the story to go that dark, and wanted something happy and satisfying at the end.

  1. A copy of "The Return of the Jedi" was stolen at gunpoint.

A young teenager stole a copy of the film at gunpoint in the parking lot of the Glenwood Theaters in Kansas.

  1. Most Clone Troopers are CGI

Lucas uses CGI heavily in the prequels, and it genuinely shows. There weren't any Clone Trooper costumes in the "Attack of the Clones" or the rest of the prequels because every single clone is CGI created.

  1. A young Han Solo was supposed to be present in "Revenge of the Sith."

The 10-year-old Solo was originally involved in a scene that was cut from the third prequel. The scene basically tells a story of the boy being raised by Chewbacca and helping Yoda find General Grievous.

  1. "Revenge of the Sith" was the first non-PG Star Wars film.

The third prequel was rated PG-13 for violence and some intense images.

Lucas claims that it's ok to take a nine or 10-year-old to this film, but not a five or 6-year-old.

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  1. Han Solo’s death was planned for quite a while.

Ford wanted Han Solo to die to increase emotional feelings from the fans. However, Lucas claims that it would not be suitable for the toy industry, especially the Han Solo toys. That is why it took a while for this character to die. His death was very thought-provoking because it happened at the hands of his son, which is the saddest moment in "The Force Awakens."

  1. The Force Awakens has many celebrity easter eggs.

Simon Pegg, Bill Hader, and Daniel Craig are famous celebrities in "The Force Awakens."

  1. Blue Milk wasn’t a favorite with the cast.

Blue Milk was famous in the Cantina for Star Wars, but the actors were not very happy with it. Campers often used blue milk because it doesn’t require refrigeration. Blue food coloring makes it look sensational, but it tastes disgusting.

  1. C-3PO and R2-D2 weren’t friends off-camera.

C-3PO and R2-D2 may look like best friends on-screen, but in real life, the actors who played the droids hated one another.

According to, Kenny Baker, the actor who played R2-D2, claims that Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) was rude to him. One time, Baker says hello to him, and Anthony responds with, "Can't you see I'm having a conversation?"


Star Wars will always remain as one of the most worshipped franchises in the world. Even C Laboard has a variety of Star Wars vintage action figures and collectibles for fans to choose from.

People will never forget the adventure, struggles, and friendship that these characters have gone through. Even the actors, directors, and writers have gone through a lot to create this masterpiece.

We hope that these interesting Star Wars facts will give you an inside scoop of what this trilogy has gone through.


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