August 05, 2018 2 min read

Is It That Time of Year Already?

With kids heading back to school soon, we have a perfect idea for a super fun send-off gift for the college student in your life! Our Defiance Tools Folding Electric Bicycle is a fun, safe and convenient way to get around campus and town.

We know that scooters are becoming more popular on college campuses. But our folding electric bicycle is far more practical than a scooter, less expensive and feels a whole lot safer than some scooters. With a max speed of 15mph our bike will be ideal for those who may not feel safe with going 35 mph on a scooter.

Why our Defiance Tools Folding Electric Bicycle?

The Defiance Tools B2 Electric bicycle is fun to ride and has an edgy design that can be fully customized by adding your favorite stickers. Our Defiance Tools B2 electric bicycle is perfect for small spaces and can fit easily into a college dorm room or apartment.

With an aerospace grade aluminum alloy frame, it weighs just under 33 pounds and when folded, the ebike is just under 25 inches long and under 20 inches high. This size and weight makes it easy to carry the Defiance Tools B2 Electric Bicycle into class and it also means you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space! Think about it! No more worry over paying parking tickets or having your bike stolen. 

Riding for The Planet 

Kids will love the edgy design and don’t forgot its eco-friendly! We know that many college students embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle, and this just got a whole lot easier and a lot more fun with our bike. Electric bikes provide all of the advantages of riding a regular bicycle, like zero emissions, freedom and fun, but without all of the work and with increased efficiency. 

Safety First 

In terms of safety the bike has front and rear disk brakes, a taillight and allows you to pedal like a traditional bike in the event you do not want to use the motor. Charging time of only 3-4 hours is all that is required, and it has a range of 18-27 miles.

Forget the Expensive Scooter! Buy The A Folding Electric Bicycle for Your College Kid Instead

Who Is the Defiance Tools Folding Bike Perfect For?

Are the students in your life:

  • Looking for more fun?
  • Looking to be different and unique?
  • Looking to be eco-friendlier?
  • Looking to live in smaller space?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, then our folding bicycle will make the perfect gift. So, make back to school more fun and your kids love you even more when you give them their Defiance Tools B2 Folding Electric Bicycle. You can buy it NOW with FREE shipping!

Where will their Defiance Tools B2 folding electric bicycle take them?

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