September 02, 2018 2 min read

ViaKOOL Karaoke Bluetooth Portable Amplified Speaker

You will find so many uses for your ViaKOOL Bluetooth Karaoke Portable Amplified Speaker. Yes, this can be used as a Bluetooth speaker and since it comes with two independent wireless microphones, it can be used as a Karaoke machine or an amplified speaker for giving presentations. The versatility of this portable amplified speaker is unexpected and will work for your life. Let's look at how many needs our ViaKOOL can fill for YOU! 

Portable Tunes 

Jam out to your favorite tunes on our ViaKOOL Bluetooth Portable Amplified Speaker. Not only does it come in both white and champagne, but it has double stereo loudspeakers which provide exceptional surround sound effect with powerful bass.

You will also find a USB port to support USB music auto-play as well as a 10-meter Bluetooth transmitter that connects the speaker to other Bluetooth devices such as smartphone or tablet. So, get those playlists ready and enjoy!!

Can You Hear Me?

How many events have you been a part of at work or in your community volunteer work where you would have loved to have a microphone? Whether you are running a board meeting, hosting a work picnic or trying to organize people before an event, sometimes it can be like herding cats! Give people the opportunity to hear your message with our portable amplified speaker.

What is great about our ViaKOOL is that it is easy to travel with since it weighs only 5 ½ lbs. and has an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to 5 hours of playback. It also has a line-in port for connecting to a wired microphone or external sound output device & a line-out port for connecting to large-scaled audio equipment or amplifier.

P.S. We have even received feedback from fitness professionals and Phys Ed instructors that our ViaKOOL is also great for teaching their classes! 

Fun with Friends and Family

Of course, our ViaKOOL portable amplified speaker is also a karaoke system that comes with TWO microphones. Drop the pretense, let loose and just have some plain old fun. Kids can find plenty of imaginative playtime with their friends and the ViaKOOL. Adults can have regular karaoke nights to bring people together. Add some chips and dip and maybe your favorite soda pop or adult beverage for an inexpensive fun night that people will remember and look forward to.


A Perfect Unexpected Gift or Must-Have 

Think of the all of the possibilities and fun experiences you or someone you know will have with our ViaKOOL Bluetooth Karaoke Bluetooth amplified speaker. The portability, multiple-uses and fun memories created with the ViaKOOL make it an unexpected gift or must-have.  

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~ Zoe’, Co-Founder, C Larboard 


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