This Cool EDC Gadget Is Sure to Cure Your FIFA World Cup Fever!

July 01, 2018 2 min read

Cure your FIFA Fever with FIFA World Cup Memorabilia like this cool EDC Gadget

What is FIFA? 

What is FIFA? FIFA is an acronym for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association which hosts the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament every four years. According to Wikipedia, it is the most prestigious association football (soccer) tournament in the world. Ask anyone who even remotely likes soccer and they would tell you the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament causes them FIFA fever. 

The tournament which lasts about a month is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the entire world. But what is FIFA Fever and how will you know it you have it? 

What is FIFA Fever? 

fifa fever /ˈfiːfə fēvər/ noun: the excitement felt by football (ie. soccer)fans during and after the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament.*

I read an article the other day that talked about the incredible number of soccer fans that are searching online auction sites for FIFA World Cup memorabilia. It claimed that since the start of the World Cup there has been a 10% hike in soccer memorabilia sales. We here at C Larboard believe this increase is due in part, to FIFA Fever. 

The Cool EDC Gadget Guaranteed to Cure Your FIFA World Cup Fever!

Cure Your FIFA World Cup Fever with This Cool EDC Gadget!

In celebration of this year's tournament in Russia and to help cure FIFA Fever we are excited to release this new EDC World Cup Key Tool that is 6 tools in 1! This quality Every Day Carry key tool for FIFA World Cup Soccer fans will help you remember the excitement of the tournament for years to come - even if you weren’t lucky enough to attend.

What Can YOU Do with YOUR EDC World Cup Key Tool?

Now when you need to turn a screw, break the tape seal on a box or package or open a bottle of beer or soda, you can use this every day carry tool whenever you need it. Simply attach it to a keychain ring and this EDC key tool slips into your pocket or purse. Our EDC World Cup 6 in 1 Key Tool is the ideal every day carry gift for the most ardent football (soccer) fan or sports memorabilia collector...or to just keep for yourself.  

The Cool EDC Gadget Guaranteed to Cure Your FIFA World Cup Fever

Cure your FIFA Fever now before they are all gone! Order your own FIFA World Cup 2018 Memorabilia right now. For now, we are not limiting quantities on individual orders but that could change at any moment. 

Order your FIFA World Cup 6-in-1 EDC Key Tool with FREE shipping right now!

*FIFA Fever is not a real illness. It just feels like it is. 

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