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Our New Defiance Tools® B2 Folding Electric Bikes Go Way Back…To The 70’s!

For Richard Coulcher, Co-Founder of, folding bikes invoke fond memories. “When I was a kid, my dad bought our family folding bikes from a now-defunct department store chain,” he explains, “this was the mid 70’s and the bikes were imported from Italy. By folding them in half, they fit nicely in the back of the station wagon, with all of us kids and pets and everything, for our trip to the summer lake house.”

For Rich, his folding bike represented spending time with family and creating fond memories. It also represented an ingenious way to increase space. He never quite forgot about that folding bike and in fact, it was a part of the reason his career has taken him down the product development consulting path. Rich’s folding bike he had as a kid is a part of the story that led him and Zoé to develop their Defiance Tools® line of products and their B2 Folding Electric Bikes.

Electric Bikes Make an Impression at The Canton Fair

The first time Zoe’ and Rich saw ebikes together was during a visit to the Canton Fair in the fall of 2016. With the advent of brushless DC motors and lightweight Li-ion batteries, the technology really seemed to take off. The electric bikes made an impression on them and Rich started thinking about how to tweak them to make them even better.

Zoé and Rich became interested in the popularity of electric vehicles and the trend toward urban living, sustainability and an aging population that is more active than ever. It’s easier to walk or bike than ride a car and an e bike makes it even easier, more fun and greener. There was only one thing missing from this transportation tool.

The Defiance Tools B2 Folding Electric Bike Is Born

They wanted to design electric bikes that fit into the lifestyle of the members of the C Larboard community. That meant that our e bike had to make an active lifestyle even better and that meant creating a folding electric bike

Zoé and Rich received the first test samples of our Defiance Tools B2 folding electric bikes in the spring of 2017 and tested them during the spring and summer. They even folded them in half and took them on vacation to the New Jersey shore. Zoé was thrilled when, “Everywhere we rode them, heads turned and people asked us where they could buy one!”

In September of 2017, Zoé and Rich visited the factory and R&D center of our manufacturing partner, finalized the specifications for the e bike and placed our order. Our first shipment of ebikes left China in mid-December and has finally arrived at our warehouse in Orlando.

We are super excited at C Larboard to release for sale our Defiance Tools B2 Folding Ebikes…Tools To Navigate Life! 

Rich testing the bike at the factory in China:

Rich testing an electric bike.

Rows of bikes at the factory:

Rows of ebikes at the factory.

Canton Fair:

Canton Fair

Our Defiance Tools® Folding Electric Bikes:

The Defiance Tools B2 EBike



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