“We wanted a name that combined travel and commerce...” ~ Zoe’ Coulcher, Co-Founder 

C Larboard


It’s the feeling you get from seeing the sunset over an exotic location that you’ve never been to before. It’s the journey to a new land either on the high seas or aboard a jumbo jet high in the sky. It’s the warmth you feel when you’re with good friends enjoying a fine meal or just a cup of coffee. It’s creating special memories and having the desire to make many, many more. It’s “MacGyvering” your way through life and sharing the excitement and energy of adventures had or hoped for, along your way.  It’s living life on your terms.

Who YOU are:       

✓  You would rather fix it, instead of trash or toss it.

✓  You know safety is essential, but you don’t live afraid.

✓  There is an air of intrigue, mystery and defiance about you.

✓  You crave community, but you don’t rely on others for your happiness.

✓  Whether in your hometown or across the globe, life is always an adventure.

✓  Family, friends and moments, matter more to you than” success” at work, status or things.

C Larboard is a community of people who thumb their nose to convention and look to the best bits and pieces of the past. We admire the quest for discovery and pay tribute to the thirst for exploration for new places and things. Many in our community are also interested in bringing their own, cool and innovative products to market. So in addition to The Gift and Gadget Store, we are pleased to offer independent Consulting Services to help companies find inventors, vendors and factories to bring their innovative products to their markets.

Tools to navigate life

Defiance Tools is our trademarked brand developed for our community that shares our passion for tools, coffee and cocktails.  Join us as we fulfill our promise to deliver Tools To Navigate Life!

Our products are all born in Orlando and designed for the world,  and our customers love them.

In addition to Defiance Tools, as a leading authority on unique gadgets, gifts and gizmos, we are continually adding items to our C Larboard shop. Please keep in mind that some of our unique gifts and gadgets may be limited in their production. When you see the perfect gift for a friend or a must have gadget you love, ensure you don’t miss out by adding it to your cart and checking out quickly. We will deliver your gifts and gadgets to your doorstep, or your lucky gift recipient, right away.

So go ahead, join us now and explore our store full of innovative collections inspired by the passion for adventure, innovation and living life on YOUR terms.

Zoe’ and Rich Coulcher,

Co-Founders C Larboard and Defiance Tools


Customer service, passion, and enthusiasm are just some of the traits I bring to this exciting new business called C Larboard. Digging in and solving complex problems through difficult real estate negotiations, retail store startups and turnarounds is my specialty and building high performance teams that are ready to win is my passion. My successful career as a Dick's Sporting Goods, GM and transition to a consummate real estate professional have been driven by a ruthless vision that the customer always comes first. In ever changing marketplaces, I leverage a keen eye for trends and technology, like an "expert shopper", in order to maximize customer satisfaction, deliver the right home or product and produce exceptional results. 


Creating and executing forward-thinking strategic roadmaps that rapidly grow business value for consumer products and industrial companies is my passion.  Building, mentoring and leading top talent, multicultural teams through challenging product launches, strategic pivots, and mergers, acquisitions or divestitures is my forte.  I simplify technology into marketable ideas.  My highly successful career within Stanley Black & Decker leading business turnarounds, M&As, product development and new initiatives on a global scale is underscored by my personal approach to complex business challenges “dig in, fix it, design it, build it… and then deliver the answer.”

"Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Dr. Seuss

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