Hello, I'm Rich Coulcher the founder of C Larboard, Business Consulting.

Intuitive and Innovative Business and Product Development Executive who creates value and sustainable growth.

Growing up I would tinker and MacGyver many items around the house.  Several examples include engineering a folding bicycle with chopper forks to building an inflatable raft air pump from an old vacuum cleaner to using double runner ice skates to turn a sail boat into an ice yacht during the winter.  This was the perfect lead into getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I have been able to use this inventor’s mindset to develop creative solutions to complex problems in every role I take on, and I have been awarded with 14 US patents.

Business strategist and trans-formative leader who inspires confidence and rallies organizational support around new initiatives. 

When I was in college I sought out an outlet for teamwork and competitive activity.  I joined the RIT Rugby Football Club and quickly became a member of team leadership.  I have used the team building skills I’ve learned from over 25 years playing rugby to help formulate and execute effective business strategies.  These strategies have allowed me to be seen as a leader who inspires confidence with inside and outside employees and groups.  This is incredibly important especially with cross functional teams doing confidential or sensitive due diligence and post merger integration work.

Contact me at rich@clarboard.com or give me a call at +1-321-945-8051 and read more about my background and how I can help you.

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