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Many in our C Larboard community are also focused on bringing cool and innovative products to market. In addition to our store, C Larboard also offers independent consulting & advisory services in all aspects of product development and product sourcing.

We collaborate with many independent entrepreneurs and inventors who are looking for someone to discuss strategy, learn how to build a product roadmap, or those who just want a direct connection with vendors and factories to bring their patented ideas to life.

For the past 14 years we have been sourcing products directly in Taiwan & China, so we can help take the mystery out of dealing with overseas vendors.  We understand how to balance technology, business model, geography and cultures when establishing lasting win/win relationships.

We can tailor an engagement to meet your needs and with the help of our vast network, there is not a question that we can't find the answer to!

Please Contact Us or send us an email to rich@clarboard.com to schedule a 30-minute call to explore opportunities to see how we can help your business bring unique and innovate products to market.

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Need Anything From Asia?

One of our specialties is to connect you directly with manufacturers and factories in China & Taiwan. This will allow you to negotiate directly with the factory without a middleman.

Here are some options on how we can work together:

1)  We will find 2-3 potential suppliers for your product including contact information, website and/or catalog - $500.

2) Includes number 1 above and we assist in initial conversations up to and including receiving a quotation for your item(s) from the supplier - $1200.

3) Includes number 1 & 2 above and we continue to manage and assist all the way up production and shipping - $TBD based on custom quotation.

Send us a message so we can get started today!

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