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Defiance Tools B2 Ebike Set-Up

Here are some videos to show how your Defiance Tools B2 Ebike will arrive and what to expect when unboxing and setting up the Ebike to getting ready to ride.

Unboxing Your B2 Ebike

Unwrapping Your B2 Ebike

Installing Pedals On Your B2 Ebike

Attach The Battery To Your B2 Ebike and GO!

Attach Optional Fenders To Your B2 Ebike


We hope this videos show how easy it is to get your Defiance Tools B2 Ebike set up and ready to ride. 

Welcome to the Ebike revolution!


NOTE: Electric bikes are considered bicycles and can be used in the same way as a pedal only bicycle in most locations. However, there are a multitude of localities with restrictions, so make sure to check with local law enforcement to be sure you are riding within the law.  Please bike safely and always obey the rules of the road!