Emergency Phone Charger


TheC Larboardteam has come to the rescue again with another cool gadget...an Emergency Phone Charger! Our Emergency Cell Charger is comprised of two squares, which stay together with magnets, and a small silicone strap. Designed to be a backup emergency source, it works by magnetically holding two AA batteries in place between the squares. This is an essential EDC (everyday carry) gadget must-have. 

This emergency phone charger uses AA batteries because they are the most universally recognized and widely sold type of battery on the planet. Batteries are not included.

Our emergency charger will fit your phone or tablet. It comes equipped with a built-in micro-USB connector (Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, etc.) and a lightning adapter (iPhone, iPad), so it’s the perfect device for everyone.

For a modern smartphone, it will charge an extra 10% battery capacity in 30 minutes, and 20% in just over an hour.

So how does it work, technically speaking? It contains 3 neodymium magnets. They have the double function of holding the batteries together while at the same time making an electrical connection to the circuit board. This circuit is called a boost converter, it turns the power from the batteries into a 5v power supply to charge your phone or tablet.

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Customer Reviews

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Elegant in its simplicity


When the Apocalypse is coming...

This is the device you need if in a shutdown of any electrical kind! What a useful device.


Saved my bacon twice already.