Portable Karaoke Amplified Speaker & 2 Microphones - White

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You will find so many uses for your ViaKOOL! On a recent trip to Hong Kong we found this Portable Bluetooth Amplifier with 2 Microphones. It's called the ViaKOOL Karaoke Speaker and it can do way more than the Karaoke machines you may be familiar with. The ViaKOOL is known as THE BEST Karaoke to those in the know.

The ViaKOOL Bluetooth Karaoke machine is the perfect choice for easily making a presentation to an audience at work or at play, singing solo along with your favorite song or creating lasting memories as you sing along with friends and family. This karaoke machine will become one of your favorite and most used items. 

The 2 microphones and amplifier fit easily into a small carrying case that you can take with you everywhere. It is the perfect everyday carry item for fun with family and friends or to help your voice carry when necessary. If you have children, this will lead their imagination to places far away from their phones and video games as they sing alone, with you or their friends imagining they are a star. And adults who are looking for some fun with friends on a Friday night? Ditch the expensive weekly dinners out and invite friends over for a Karaoke night instead...and see what happens. 


  • Portable Amplified Speaker system that weighs only 5 1/2 lbs (2.5 kg).
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with an applicable indoor area of up to 300 square meters sound transmission
  • Double stereo loudspeakers provide exceptional surround sound effect with powerful bass
  • 2 wireless microphones with stable Bluetooth transmission of up to 10 meters and with smart noise muting function that filters off interfering signal 
  • USB port to support USB music auto-play
  • 10-meter Bluetooth transmitter that connects the speaker to other Bluetooth devices such as smartphone or tablet
  • Line-in port for connecting to a wired microphone or external sound output device and a line-out port for connecting to large-scaled audio equipment or amplifier
  • Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery for supporting up to 5 hours of playback.
  • White color housing. 

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      Customer Reviews

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