VentiFresh Odor Eliminator

Rich met the team from Wiseome Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017 and found out about their truly innovative and effective eco-friendly air freshener product called VentiFresh ECO.

VentiFresh ECO uses NASA-inspired technology to enhance fresh indoor air. Sized like a lemon the device is small, portable and safe to accommodate a carefree life style. The device is perhaps the easiest method developed to keep the air around you fresh regardless sharing with pets, friends or family.

Ventifresh ECO uses the Wiseome 2nd generation UV catalyst core to decompose germs and odors through natural photosynthesis methods and produces clean air as a result. Built for long-term use, it has a turbo mode for a quick fix when needed. Without adding nasty chemicals and harmful fragrance, nor replacing filters or parts, VentiFresh ECO produces simple fresh air that makes your hands free and your nose happy!

How to use the VentiFresh ECO:

Regardless of the room size, we recommend installing the device within 1-2 ft of the source of indoor pollution, such as a toilet, cat litter box, trash cans and more. The VentiFresh ECO comes with a motor fan that draws in the nearby air and releases the clean breeze processed by the UV-photocatalyst core. The product functions to clean up microbes/odors close to the source before they pervade the entire room. Designed to be compact (2x2.4 in) and lightweight (2.5oz), VentiFresh ECO may be installed on any smooth and clean surfaces using the enclosed gel-pad or double-sided stickers. You may choose to pair VentiFresh with a USB battery bank to allow for portable use.

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  • Dimensions - Height:51mm (2”)/ Depth: 63mm(2.48”) / Weight:70g (2.47oz)
  • Product Colors - White Body, Turquoise Cover
  • Power Use - 3W@ DC5V
  • USB Power Cable - 3m Long
  • Optimized Space Size - 45L / 1.5ft^3 / 0.06m^3 Closed spaces with lids, doors or covers
  • Function Modes:
    • Standby: Color changing
    • Turbo Mode: Blue light
    • Quiet Mode: Green light
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 45∘C / 32 ~113∘F
  • Store and Use in Dry Places Only / For Household Indoor Use Only
  • Weight - 7 oz

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It works!
Excellent for de-oderizing small spaces, with none of the nasty "hotel" smell
Small little devise that DOES
Actually WORKS!